Wednesday, June 29, 2011

15's about me :)

1. i have scar on my right cheek (accident 2 months ago)
2. right-handed
3. love shopping a lots!
4. eat more but gain less. need some supplement i think.
5. i'm not flawless T__T
6. always smile without showing the teeth..hehe | :) not :D |
7. wearing hijab
8. choose PINK than others
9. prefer flats than heels
10. taken by farisukimi. aku la awek die *wink!
11. can't touch elbow with my tongue.

12. my hair is wavy not straight
13. hot-tempered? yes, i am.
14. always dreaming~
15. totally not perfect enough.


cik golek...... said...

superb... (^..^)


one more thing, u kedekut dgn i lol

chot ok..! said...
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