Tuesday, March 30, 2010


she's gone from my life~
i can't touch her face anymore..
i can't kiss her cheeks anymore..
i can't hug her anymore..
i can't hear her voice anymore..
i can't ever hear her jokes anymore..
only God know how much i miss Opah.. ;(

she baby-sit us since we're small, little baby..
until we grew up.
20 years. what a long time..
i remember the moment when she send and fetch me to school, 'mengaji', tuition..
i do remember when she backing us when dad mad at us.. then, she's scold dad back..
i will never forget when she pamper us with all her love..
now, there are only memories that i should never forget.
precious memories with her.

to Opah: angah tak kan lupa jasa opah bela kami since kami kecik. angah sayang opah sangat2. mintak maaf if angah ada terkasar bahasa selama ni. angah harap opah bahagia di sana. angah selalu doakan opah ditempatkan di tempat wanita yang solehah. your sacrifices for us is priceless. i miss you lots!

Friday, 26 March 2010, 4:40pm, Hospital Tuanku Bainun, Ipoh.

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