Monday, March 8, 2010


my rounded head is burden by lots of works to do.
*only two BUT it's lot for me* :)
just done my first test for Digital Media using Sony Soundforge.
interesting babe!
marks are be taken based on our creativity editing the audio/our own voice.
so, i'm just make some effect there by using fade in/out, pitch bend, and much more.
the end, my recorded voice heard like chipmunk's sound! arghh!!
then, redo for the 2nd time. at this time, much better than before but my voice did not soo clear.(microphone's problem). pissed again~
3rd time in my trying, change another PC. now, all editing and recording works well.
congrate, atira! yeaahh! :)

my dearest fren lost her phone,
i'm sympathize with you. ;(
i've experience but a bit different. your's stold by someone but mine is hijack by the warden. :)
to those who took that phone, only one meaningful word for you..BITCH!
don't take anything if it is not belong to you larr weyh!

hey u lady,
what the hell are you talking about ha.??
i know the person although you just put the capital character at the entry.
who are you to judge him??!
up to him to do anything or talked about what.
don't be too show off and pretend like you're pretty enough.
*vomit of diarrhea* yux!

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