Wednesday, February 17, 2010

say goodbye to CNY holidays

damn tiring and sleepy today..
hate morning class!

i mean class after holidays.
arghhh!! GRR!

went back to ipoh with bus,

after my mom gave a call said that my grandma sick.

she need to rest in hospital for quite long time..

cause: lack of glucose in her body (buzz! she did not even eat for a month)
how weird that she could survive without eat anything.. aisyh..
effect: fainted, did not recognize anyone.

yesterday, my dad send me back to my rented house.

before that, bring aakif, my youngest cousin plays kite at the beach near QB.

he's soo cute.!
always sing taylor swift's song..

you belong with me~ :)

my mom bought 5 tiny cutie kites!
so, we can play the kite everyone each include my dad.. haha

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