Tuesday, December 15, 2009


faris aiman & nor atira

finally, i have time to update my blog since i'm busy with the final..
final? hate it fucking damn much!
especially last paper (computer hardware)

to those who said: "senang gler".. boo!

i'm not so intelligent, brilliant, clever and whatever words lah like you..
:) bullshit!

faris aiman & nor atira

taadaa!! now i'm presenting...
meet cik aiman syg..haha

wallah! happy babe.. :)

'i syg u,dear'..
dunno what to say, evryday webcam with him till both fall asleep..

ngee~ aiyak! always snap his pics when he's sleeping..

comei lote! hahaha

faris aiman & nor atira

we just take bout 5 hours just now.
short time with wonderful memories that will stick at both heart<3

we roam around queensbay mall till his leg have abrasions..

pity aiman.
(GOD! i miss him rite now. miss his noty face. miss his 'gerds'. miss his smile)

then, loafing at the beach and snapping pics. :)
yey! like it meh..
atira with her sundae strawberry and aiman with his oreo berries..

funny expression appear at his face when he said 'yuxx!' when eat it..

the taste not so bad lar syg.
quite same with my sundae but mine is better.. BOO!
i love you..


fatin ツ said...

glad you both get back togehter.
jangan gaduh2 dah. :))

Atira Tisdale said...

ok syg!