Sunday, November 15, 2009

i sayang you, you sayang me :)

love you,syg!
i'm so happy with you yesterday.
dunno why i couldn't say it in front of you,
but the truth is true.
nobody will replace you till my last breath.
always be mine and promise....
you is forever mine..

thanx for the walk in's, GSC's, and jusco's thingie..huhu
goggles's..? my money but thanx for accompany me there,
and wait for me try to fit the jeans.. :)
[26 and 27.. 26 is much better]

note: i'm with misty grey, he with perky brown..comei! haha


fatin ツ said...

LOVESSSS you header photo.

Atira Tisdale said...

thnx syg..:)