Friday, October 16, 2009

when the sun raise up..

sun rays come down, as seen when they hit the ground,
children spinning around, till they fall down, down, down..... [Zee Avi-Bitter Heart]

around 8am,, for me, this time is quite early.. i need to wake up when i hear someone scream!
"Trex! bgun,,!!".. oh, farhanah (my dear roommate) i think you dah tertelan microphone lar beb..:)
after shower myself with water+Dettol Natural=nice smell of me, i need to ironing my bju kurung..
wallah! trex wear bju kurung..haha *take note please: only when i need to go to class lar"

#now i feel that i miss my school, my frens, juniors and all#


miszabc said...

ckp je larh u miss me.....hahaha

fatin ツ said...

haha.nadiah perasan

Atira Tisdale said...

die mmg ske prasan