Wednesday, October 21, 2009

love you, lalink

i love you more than you do, b..

thanx for everything my dear.. really enjoy with you within that 2 gorgeous days.! haha i know you will do everything for me.. on the 1st day, you came fetch me at my granny's house, went to cinema at AS Mall (Surrogates), bring me to CP Plaza to find ur game (boy, always with their game even their princess is beside them..wee~), went to Halim's friend open house (katrina, nice girl), then you drove to Sentosa Mall to find your game again and last we went to Tesco...hahaha

you are my hero, syg.. soooo brave drove the myvito from Alor Star to Changlun to visit my sick uncle :( airport?? *wiNk2*.. i'm happy..huhu bwek! :p

2nd day hang out with you.. not so long like before.. went to cinema, Papadom! (best weyh) with the tiny Kancil.. comei!

psst.. i love him

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